Local Coalition Manufacturing and Distributing Face Shields to Essential Workers

Yuba City, Ca. April 21, 2020

Local organizations and businesses have converted their services to manufacture and distribute face shields to essential workers who need personal protective equipment (PPE) during the COVID-19 response. Under Chuck Ferguson’s leadership at Wide-Awake Geek, the coalition will create at least 3,000 face shields to help protect local public safety personnel, health-care workers, and other front-line workers like our local teachers who deliver lunches to needy students. The first orders will be filled this week.

High school students from CORE Charter School are getting great experiential learning with 3-D printing and other manufacturing techniques, while they volunteer to help the effort. Under the leadership and direction of Baked Industries and Wide-Awake Geek, these students are able to participate in providing shields for the community while building skills for their future careers.

Essential workers in the Yuba-Sutter area who need face shields should go to https://yubasutter.net/request-masks/. If you are an organization employing essential workers in an unserved or underserved community outside of the Yuba-Sutter area, and without access to PPE, orders will be filled depending on available capacity.

The coalition is providing the face shields at no cost to the essential workers. We are requesting donations from community leaders, organizations, local businesses, and concerned citizens. We have received funding for approximately 53% of the effort, and need about $13,000 to fully fund it. Any size donation is appreciated, and donations are tax deductible. Go to https://yubasutter.net/donations/ to donate.